Our Team

Wayne Harris

Wayne started working construction with his dad and uncle when he was just a young boy. At 8 years old he would help by hauling half bundles of shingles to the roof for his dad because that was all he could carry. He went on to learn the finer points of construction, from custom home building to plumbing, roofing, and detail carpentry. After high school he launched out on his own and by 23 years old had started his first roofing company. He has been in the roofing and remodeling business since. 

Jody Dyer

From the time he was just in middle school, Jody has been involved in some form or fashion with the building industry. Starting as a helper on various projects with his step-dad, who was also a carpenter, he began doing various construction and remodeling jobs. After graduating high school he began working independently and at the age of 22 started his own company.

With several years’ experience as a contractor under his belt, Jody transitioned into the insurance sector as an adjuster, estimating all manner of natural disasters including storms, hurricane, floods, and earthquakes. But while being a storm adjuster is challenging and interesting work, being a husband and father is far more rewarding and so he left the insurance industry and the rigorous travel schedule it required. Jody once again moved back into residential and commercial construction, and has been building ever since.

Kingdom Construction Company LLC

In 2015 Kingdom Construction Company, LLC was born out of a decades-old friendship between partners, Wayne Harris and Jody Dyer. Both have a vision to provide high quality work for a fair price and to conduct their business in a manner worthy of their calling and according to biblical principles and standards.